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Every MagicMirror®has a powerful control unit by default.

The use can switch between four different operating modes.

Stand-alone signage player   |   Signage client   |   Scoreboard   |   Video display

Stand-alone signage player

The MagicMirror® works as a stand-alone system and can be managed via an integrated web interface. To simplify the management, each device comes with its own WLAN.

Contents, playlists, tickers and device settings can be easily managed with any smartphone, tablet or computer via the MagicMirror® web interface. An internet connection is not required.

Our MagicMirror® has no integrated speakers. But sound can be easily output via external devices.

Signage client

In this mode, the  MagicMirror® connects to our NOVOTECH®signage server. Here you can create and manage complex playlists, assign user rights and integrate applications such as weather data, news, stock exchange information and much more. You can even create your own scripts or applications.

The signage client regularly compares playlists with the server via internet and displays the content accurate to the second. As long as there is no change to the playlist, an internet connection is not absolutely necessary in this operating mode.

Combine various devices to a group. A graphical user interface with convenient preview functinos makes managing your group easy and efficient.


In the scoreboard mode, the MagicMirror® works as a display board for sport facilities. The game manager can easily control the display via the integrated WLAN or the MagicMirror® network connection.

During the break, you can switch to player mode in a matter of seconds. In this way, current information, flashbacks or sponsors can be shown. The software is currently available for use as a handball and soccer display. Other sports like ice hockey or tennis are in the making.

Sound from videos or a horn can be output to an external sound system via the 3mm AUX port.

Video display

In this operating mode, the device displays the content on the integrated HDMI input and works in a similar way to a normal LCD display or TV.